Public Works

City of Tonawanda
Department of Public Works
 Superintendent Joseph Warthling
150 Fillmore Ave., Tonawanda, NY  14150
Phone:  695-1376   Fax:  692-6747
Email: Public Works


      The Department of Public Works will provide a safe, clean, and efficient operation that maintains streets, sidewalks, and sewers within the city’s right-of-way; provides a refuse and recycling operation; reacts to resident’s inquiries; and responds to all weather-related conditions.


GARBAGE - Click here for recent Garbage Collection Flyer

 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE - Garbage will not be collected on any of the following holidays: 

         New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

 Garbage pickup will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week following the holiday.

RECYCLINGClick here for current Recycling Guide  Click here for current Recycling Tote pickup calendar
 Your recycling tote will be picked up every other week in accordance with your "Blue" or "Red" designation for your neighborhood.  Please click above to see the calendar of your pick up weeks.  If you do not know if you are Blue or Red, click here for color coded street flyer.


  • Plastic bags are not recyclable
  • Only recycle food containers [plates, cups, window glass, toys, aluminum, plastic wrap, pots and pans, oil containers, etc. are not recyclable]

RECYCLING and garbage totes

Totes can be ordered at Tonawanda City Hall (8:30AM-4:30PM M-F).  The cost is $50.00 per tote.  Your tote will be delivered to your home following your next garbage collection.    


 TIRES - Residents Only

  • Tires are not collected at curbside
  • Drop off at DPW – 150 Fillmore   Ave.        Monday  - Friday            7AM-3PM
  • Auto tire without rim $1.00 fee
  • Auto tire with rim or Truck tires $5.00 fee


  • Not collected by the City
  • Take to place of purchase or call 858-6370 Hazardous Waste Information


  • The City does not accept hazardous waste products [oil paints & thinners, car batteries, pesticides, motor oil, antifreeze, etc.]
  • Contact  858-6370 for further info – Erie County Hazardous Waste

Erie County Computer RECYCLING DAYS

  • Items acceptable for recycling and/or disposal CPUs [Hard Drive], CRTs or Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Printers

 *Note:  Participants will be required to verify that computers are generated by households.  No commercial or industrial waste.