Council Chambers

Tonawanda, New York

December 1, 2009


A Regular Meeting of the Common Council


Present:  Council President Zeisz

Present Councilmembers:  Perkins, Kossow, Davis

Excused:  Waterhouse


Pledge of Allegiance led by Council President Zeisz


Prayer led by Council President Zeisz




A letter from Assemblyman Robin Schimminger dated November 17, 2009, regarding the Restore New York program.


A letter to John Wilby, 86 Mitchell Drive, reappointing him to the Traffic and Safety Advisory Board, term to expire December 31, 2013.


A letter from Senator Antoine M. Thompson dated November 25, 2009, regarding funding for Municipal Green Loans, aka Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loans.


Correspondence from the IDA Leadership Council dated November 17, 2009, regarding proposed amendments to the Countywide Industrial Development Agency Uniform Tax Exemption Policy.


A letter from the Buffalo & Erie County Greenway Fund Standing Committee dated November 16, 2009, informing the City that the Standing Committee has approved funding to create a boardwalk and pavilion along the shore of Niawanda Park. 

            Ordered filed




The following monthly reports were received by the City Clerk:

            October report of the Plumbing Board

            November minutes of the Civil Service Commission

            November minutes of the Traffic and Safety Advisory Board

                Referred to the Committee of the Whole

                        Ordered filed


A letter from the State of New York Department of Transportation dated November 23, 2009, regarding the Arterial Maintenance Agreement for the Twin Cities Memorial Highway.

            Referred to the Committee of the Whole


A letter from the City Engineer, Jason J. LaMonaco, P.E., dated November 6, 2009, regarding Old Ellicott Creek Road Sewer Repair.

            Referred to the Committee of the Whole


The Civil Service Commissionís announcement for an open competitive examination for the position of the Director of Recreation to be held February 6, 2010.

            Referred to the Committee of the Whole


The Civil Service Commissionís announcement for an open competitive examination for the position of Senior Recreation Leader to be held February 6, 2010.

            Referred to the Committee of the Whole

                        Ordered filed




222.     By the Council                                                              seconded by the Council

Whereas, in July, 1995, the City of Tonawanda entered into an Order on Consent with the Department of Environmental Conservation requiring the City to address the issue of sanitary sewer overflows; and

            Whereas, the City was unable to meet the goals of the Consent Order, and, therefore, found to be responsible for a civil penalty issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation; and

            Whereas, the Department of Environmental Conservation and the City have now negotiated a new agreement - Order on Consent which provides for an up-dated outline of work necessary to eliminate the sanitary sewer overflows within a timely manner; now, therefore be it

Resolved, that Mayor Ronald J. Pilozzi is hereby authorized and directed to execute the proposed Order on Consent, a copy of which is on file in the City Clerkís Office.


Ayes:  Perkins, Kossow, Davis, Zeisz

Nays:  None

                                                Resolution declared adopted


223.     By the Council                                                              seconded by the Council

Whereas, the Spaulding Fibre site demolition and remediation project is moving into a new phase; and

            Whereas, this new phase will involve continued demolition and remediation of the site with funding from various sources including, but not limited to, Restore New York, Environmental Restoration Program project funds; Federal government; County government and a grant from National Grid; and

            Whereas, the City and the Erie County Industrial Development Agency had previously entered into a Development Funding and Agency Agreement dated May 1, 2006 which was ultimately amended on May 30, 2007; and

            Whereas, a proposed Second Amendment provides for the Erie County Industrial Development Agency to act as agent for the City and to administer the funding for the current phase; now, therefore be it

Resolved, that Mayor Ronald J. Pilozzi is hereby authorized and directed to execute the proposed Agreement between the City and the Erie County Industrial Development Agency entitled ďSecond AmendmentĒ, a copy of which is on file in the City Clerkís Office.


Ayes:  Perkins, Kossow, Davis, Zeisz

Nays:  None

                                                Resolution declared adopted


224.     By Councilmember Kossow                                               seconded by Council President Zeisz

            Resolved, that the reading of the following resolution be waived.


Ayes:  Perkins, Kossow, Davis, Zeisz

Nays:  None

                                                Resolution declared adopted


225.     By the Council                                                              seconded by the Council

Whereas, the City of Tonawanda to facilitate and encourage redevelopment of the former Spaulding Fibre site and to improve conditions in the Cityís central business district (CBD), decided to investigate the amendment of the existing city zoning ordinance language to permit non-heavy manufacturing uses that complement surrounding neighborhoods and to establish design standards in the CBD area of the City, and to update the Cityís existing Comprehensive Plan to support these amendments, and

Whereas, committees consisting of public and private sector representatives have been working with Wendel Duchscherer Architects and Engineers on reviewing existing language in the above referenced documents to amend and recommend a new Spaulding Fibre zoning ordinance, other code revisions affecting the CBD (a design overlay district) and Comprehensive Plan language that reflects existing conditions and to facilitate future uses and development consistent with the goals and objectives of the City and City residents, and

Whereas, these committees have concluded their work in reviewing the current Spaulding Fibre zoning ordinance, other zoning sections and the Comprehensive Plan; and has recommended amendments and new language for these documents, and has forwarded these documents to the Common Council for consideration and eventual adoption, with possible amendments found warranted by the Council after a public hearing and affording the public the opportunity to comment, and

Whereas, copies of the proposed amended Spaulding Fibre zoning ordinance, other zoning amendments and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are on file in the City Clerkís Office for public review and inspection.  Now, therefore be it

Resolved, the Common Council of the City of Tonawanda formally accepts the above referenced documents for consideration, which are available for review and inspection in the City Clerkís office, and be it further

Resolved, the Common Council hereby advises the public of its intention to hold a public meeting possibly in January of 2010, at a time and date to be determined, to accept public comments on the previously referenced documents and that the Common Council intends to seek and request Lead Agency status in reviews required under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).             


Ayes: Perkins, Kossow, Davis, Zeisz

Nays: None

Resolution declared adopted




Robert Derner, 286 Niagara Street Ė I read in the paper that the Greenway Commission has authorized funds for a building in Niawanda Park and Iíd like to know how that came about and how much money weíre talking about. 


Council President Zeisz Ė The Mayor is welcome to comment if heíd like to.  Going back to when the commission was formed, the City made recommendations.  There was a list of projects that were put out as potential projects for the community, things that would benefit the community along the waterway, here in the City.  One of those said projects was a pavilion and also with that, was an adjoining boardwalk that would run along the River.  Now, the pavilion was a very small portion of that project.  The boardwalk itself was millions but the pavilion was about, and Iím guessing on the number, about $970,000 and the money that was granted to us is for $867,000 with the City putting in another 10% on top of that.  So, about $87,000 the City would have to put in toward that project and that would go at the far end of the park, up by Two Mile Creek.   


Robert Derner Ė When this pavilion is built, would that require maintenance by the City and staffing by the City? 


Council President Zeisz Ė Yes, but there is, and Iíve had some small conversations with the Mayor as far as how we could possibly deal with having this pavilion.  But I think it affords the community a lot of opportunities; whether it be for being rented out for parties, use it during the wintertime as a shelter along with a portable ice rink for the kids. 


Mayor Pilozzi Ė Council President Zeisz is correct.  The number that you saw in the paper was $863,000 but thereís a 10% match which can be in services that we provide, engineering, stuff like that. 


Robert Derner Ė When the Riverwalk was built, there were control points in the contract that the City was supposed to watch the shoreline and have a survey and send a report in every year to the County.  Is this being done?  


Mayor Pilozzi Ė Yes.


Council President Zeisz Ė Yes, it is.  In fact theÖ


Robert Derner Ė Öby a licensed surveyor?

Council President Zeisz Ė Itís being done by the County. 


Mayor Pilozzi Ė The Countyís coming in and doing it. 


Robert Derner Ė The Countyís doing it? 


Mayor Pilozzi Ė A walk-a-long with our Engineer.


Council President Zeisz Ė The shoreline is something that weíre gonna be looking at next summer. 


Robert Derner Ė Well thatís my point. 


Council President Zeisz - Now, when I say shoreline though, Iím not talking about this section out here that needs the rap.


Robert Derner - Iím talking about the entire line, where the break wall is finished, all the way up to Isle View.  


Council President Zeisz Ė Weíre gonna be looking at that next summer. 


Robert Derner Ė Why wouldnít the shoreline, where erosion is taking place be the first thing that the Greenway Commission would give money for instead of a pavilion.  I mean, a pavilion is gonna be competition with other people that have businesses in this town.  The shoreline is nothing but a bunch of broken concrete and it seems to me, we have right within walking distance of this City, Metzger Removal in North Tonawanda.  Itís one of the biggest concrete companies in the world.  They do business in Houston, Pittsburgh, Montreal and a couple of the owners live right here in the City and I think theyíve mentioned a proposal to the City at one time a few years back about taking all that concrete and breaking it up.  Now wouldnít that be the first order of business before a pavilion?


Council President Zeisz - I canít speak to why the Greenway Commission chose the pavilion as the option to fund.  What I can say is taking care of the shoreline is not as easy as just taking concrete and dumping it along the edge.  Thereís a lot involved with it.


Robert Derner - Thatís right but the whole break-wall behind the townhouses was done for $2,300,000.  This is one-third of that money is being allotted for a pavilion when that could do a tremendous amount of fixing the shoreline.  Take a look at Isle View.  Their shoreline, all the way doesnít have anything that looks like ours and I just think that a pavilion would be one of the last things youíd want to do.  You can take and knock the Water Department down and put a pavilion there.  The thing is, the shoreline should be first.  Erosion takes place all the time. 


Council President Zeisz Ė I understand what youíre saying Mr. Derner but just bear in mind, we donít have any control over the determinations that the Commission makes on funding projects and those funds come directly from an outside source, they come from outside of government. 


Robert Derner Ė Youíre right, but there was an article in the paper last week, week before about Grand Island and sometimes they just say ďnoĒ because it costs them money when somebody gives you something it means you better put something towards it and in this case, I think itís gonna cost us.  Weíve had the highest, as you know I complain about taxes here all the time, so why would you take anything that increases the taxes in the City? 


Sue Potter, Simply Sueís Tea Shop, Main Street Ė Iíve been here for two years this past July.  Itís the first time Iíve had a business of my own.  I grew up in Tonawanda and didnít want to live anywhere else.  So when I decided to own a tea shop, I wanted it to be in Tonawanda.  My shop is also an outreach and an example for other women.  It is possible to have a dream and pray about it and step up and do it.  The past two years have been really learning years for me.  I work very hard every day and thatís not a complaint because I love the work Iím doing.  My daughter Allison helps me out and she is a partner to me and (inaudible) cook and serve and so much more than that. My business is not hard for me.  Iím trying to (inaudible) and be able to support myself.  It took me a while to feel accepted in this downtown area.  Iím not sure if anyone took me serious.  Businesses came and went for a long time and there were a lot of empty spaces for a long time.  Iím here to complain today.  I wasnít sure if I had the nerve to get up here and to speak from my heart so that is why I wrote it down on a piece of paper (inaudible) to work along side of others and leaders of our City to make our downtown area a place to be proud of and that would invite other cities to come take a look at us.  Well, ever since I opened my business it seems like the merchants have been fighting for a few lights in trees to enhance the beauty of the street.  The street is beautiful; I should have brought the picture that Brian took.  Itís beautiful and itís old and itís a safe place to live.  It should be used and (inaudible) and then we finally get lights up and they donít even work, or some of them do and some of them donít so they look more trashy than anything else.  Iíve been taking rides to other cities in the evening lately and have taken drives down their Main Street, whether itís called Main Street or not, it looks so pretty.  I just want to get out and look around and see what they have going on there.  No matter what time of year, they always seem to have decorations up.  They have lights and wreaths and banners and all kinds of decorations to show that the leaders of the city are at least supporting the area by helping to make it more attractive to people coming in.  A small example is, just look across the bridge.  Itís embarrassing to come back this way and see one spotlight in a tree.  It looks scary.  It looks like Halloween.  Theyíre probably laughing at us.  Weíve worked so hard this year, especially to make our shops look inviting and pretty and festive.  We have the WinterWalk coming up this week and you might notice all the shops are full and I hardly see any people coming down there, let alone to my shop.  Maybe once or twice, one or two of you come down, probably election time.  Iím just really mad and disappointed that when people come down and see what we have going on.  Iíve been there two years and still have people come in and ask how long Iíve been there.  We need some attention and consideration and appreciation.  Why do people from other areas want to come in Tonawanda and see whatís going on when our own people wonít even participate or seem to care about us.  Please help us.  Take those ridiculous lights down and get something up there thatís suitable and pretty.  Weíre working hard and we need your help and support, not only with the lights and decorations, but with you shopping our shops and using us and recommending us whenever we can.  Hereís a list of whatís on Main Street, in case you havenít been down there in a while.  Thereís Griffins Bar and Grill, Teekee Tatoos, The Hairdoers, Jewel-Tide Treasurers, Attic to Basement, Mulberry Tree, the Viet Nam Vets, Sweetbriar Antiques and they own three shops and theyíre going to have another one pretty soon.  We have Generation Next Consignment & Thrift Shop, Catís Like Us, Roselight Interiors, a barbershop that charges $7.00 for any haircut.  On the other side of the street, thereís a new place (inaudible), Colosso Taco, American Legion, a fish store, TNT Pizza, and then thereís me, Simply Sueís, and then a laundromat.  Just look at all we have to offer.  What are we waiting for?  Please help us stay and prosper in this little City.  Thank you for letting me share my frustrations and I hope you will consider helping us. 


Council President Zeisz - I do have a question, only because I got an email about the lights on Main Street, and I asked the question and I was lead to believe that they were working on the lights.  Is that not happening? 


Sue Potter Ė Well, we have a spotlight on each tree which really arenít noticeable right now. 


Council President Zeisz - But what about the lights in the trees?        


Sue Potter - They removed the white lights in the trees and put spotlights every other red and green now which really when you come down, you really donít notice them.  Weíre just asking that maybe Parks and Recreation could get up some of their old decorations. 


Council President Zeisz - Well, that was the other question I asked. 


Sue Potter Ė I mean, we have WinterWalk and weíre just embarrassed to be down there right now.  NT is decorated beautifully and has been for weeks.  You should drive by there on your way home.  Itís really pretty with all the shops and the lights on the trees. 


Council President Zeisz Ė I went by during the day so I didnít see the lights on.  I saw them working on the lights but I didnít know what they were doing with the lights. 


Sue Potter Ė Thatís all we have. 


Mayor Pilozzi Ė Let me say something real quick here.  Iíve been working, I thought very diligently with Cory Schuler who is the President of the Downtown Merchants Association.  When we saw that those little lights werenít working, we replaced them.  Now, we pay for that, the City pays for that, we did our best, we couldnít get them to work.  So Cory and I talked about it and I said letís try a spotlight, what do you want to try?  So thatís what we tried.  Obviously, you folks arenít happy with it but when I talked to Cory, my question to him is, or was, is that what you guys want to try.  The answer I got was ďyesĒ.  So thatís what we tried.  Now if thatís not acceptable, whoís gonna come to the next meeting and say, well I donít like what you did because this is what I want.  So somebodyís gonna have to make up their mind what exactly we want here and itís gotta be something that works because Iím getting kind of tired of making attempts here and it doesnít work.  If somebody has a suggestion with something that really, truly works, then maybe we can give it a try, Iíd be more than glad to give it a shot. 


Dennis Smilinich Ė You know, this wasnít my main objective, I have something else to bring up tonight, but Tonawanda Post #264 American Legion has been purchasing their own lights and putting them up since Alice Roth was Mayor of this City.  We did it every year.  We maintained our own lights all year long.  Yesterday, we started putting our lights up again and all of a sudden I find out from Cory Schuler that the Mayor had enough time to call Cory instead of 264 to tell them our lights were going to be unplugged.  Thatís not what appalled me.  What appalled me is that Iím worried about pipes in the ground.  Iím worried about a person like Gloria Lavin falling in one of those holes.  Iím worried about the streets getting cleaned for these people.  Iím worried about the garbage and the maintenance that needs to be done and directed by this Mayor and he hasnít done it yet and Iím waiting for these people to get some satisfaction because they have a lot invested.


Council President Zeisz - This is what I wanted to say because obviously the Council is, to be honest with you, we donít know a lot about the day to day operation, thatís just the way itís structured.  But what I do know, the Council does control the finances.  This is what Iím gonna suggest because obviously thereís a lot of frustration, thereís a lot of things that are not happening properly.  When we get to the first of the year, thereís gonna be four new Councilmembers.  Iím gonna suggest that we have a meeting with the merchants, that you come in.  Letís talk about what we can do, what weíre able to do, what youíd like us to do and see if we can all agree on a few things that we can do that will improve Main Street.  How about if we do that?  And if that means that, maybe we canít spend a lot of money, but weíll do the best we can with the money we can spend and obviously it doesnít necessarily help right now, but maybe it will make a difference when the summer comes and then again when the holidays come next year.  So thatís what Iím gonna suggest we do and Iíll make sure that we set up a meeting to do that after the first of the year and quickly after the first of the year, in January.  I appreciate the fact that you came here to make an impassioned speech about your own personal situation and the merchant situation.  Iím sure it wasnít an easy thing for you to do but Iím sure you felt like it was something you needed to do.  I certainly appreciate that.  I certainly want to do what I can do to help.  We thought, in retrospect, the lights were going to be a good thing but it turned out it wasnít. 


Blake Boyle, 245 William Street Ė Iíve eaten at Sueís place. 


Council President Zeisz Ė I have.  Itís been a while but I have. 


Blake Boyle - I bought antiques there.  I had a tattoo colored at the Teekee.  Iíve gotten my hair cut down there.   There is stuff downtown. 

Council President Zeisz - You got a fake tattoo, thatís not real.


Blake Boyle Ė You have to see my back.  But, I saw the Parks and Recreation and I thought they were fixing the lights, you know Iím gonna take a drive down there. 


Council President Zeisz Ė And thatís what IÖ.


Blake Boyle - ÖI mean, they were there for probably three or four daysÖ


Council President Zeisz - Öthatís what I thought. 


Blake Boyle ĖÖ.they were taking down lights and putting spots up, but I mean, from listening to the Mayor, he was talking to the President of it, and I agree with what Carlís saying though is after the new Council comes in, letís sit down with them and letís figure out what we can do with it because we ended up, isnít there that grant money out there about the matching grants, did we get that one?


Mayor Pilozzi Ė One weíre working on right now, in fact we got another call on it today.         


Blake Boyle - All right because they are going to be informed of it and weíre going to have to work with them on that. 


Mayor Pilozzi Ė One of the other issues that is sidelined, is the fact that we brought to their attention, that if youíre gonna do a facade and youíre gonna change, letís say a sign or put awnings up or whatever it is youíre trying to do, all of a sudden these trees that start out as little trees are big trees so what we had is an arborist take a look at the trees themselves and tell us whether or not we can trim them back or what we need to do to make it a win-win for the merchant thatís trying to improve their facade and not killing the trees.  So that was another consideration with the lights because we werenít sure of whether or not we were gonna have to do some trimming there.  Even at this point weíre trying to see as to whether or not we could hurt a tree more than help the situation with the merchants. 


Blake Boyle Ė Well I agree with you, Carl.  Thatís our downtown, thatís where we want people to come and shop.  Half of itís in my ward so I think we really have to work with them. 


Council President Zeisz Ė Like I said, we donít really control but I want to support the Mayorís Office and if thereís something we can do to help improve things, I want to do that.  I just wanted you to know that I was under the impression they were taking the lights out and putting those spotlights in. 


Sue Potter - Cory did come and ask all the merchants and we agreed upon that.  Iím just saying, I know there are more decorations.  Linda has told us that and she invited us two years ago to come to wherever they store them but I donít feel thatís my job.  Itís her job to do it.   I just think things could look a little better down here.    


Bill Poole, 36 Murray Terrace Ė I personally am totally ashamed of our downtown.  I didnít realize exactly how it came about but I was out after dark last night, coming from North Tonawanda, into Tonawanda and I was sick.  It is an absolute disgrace.  We have absolutely nothing that looks Christmasy.  I feel guilty because Sue is right that I didnít visit some of the downtown businesses until I was campaigning, but I do get my hair cut downtown and I do visit some of the businesses and I have been to Sueís shop.  I will do what I can to encourage all the City residents to support our local downtown businesses and that brings me to the matter of the pavilion which scares the hell out of me because we have local businesses that need to cater events and need to be able to get people in and if we build a pavilion then the City takes that away from them.  Iím not sure but what this might be a good time to say ďnoĒ so that we donít end up taking business away from our local people and I know that we donít have control over the Greenway funds, but I agree completely with Bob Derner that the shoreline needs to be fixed first.  That needs to be done first and then look at other improvements along the way.  Thank you.

Dave McCormick, 613 Niagara Street Ė Bob Derner brought up something earlier about the break wall.  I can get the facts for Bob because we were just talking about that the other night.  Someone dropped the ball on the federal government when they were putting in the break wall thatís up there now.  The paperwork wasnít turned in on time that they were gonna run the break wall all the way down but I can get that information but someone back 25 years ago didnít turn the paperwork in on time.  My second thing is about, I do a lot for the seniors in the City of Tonawanda up at the Housing Authority, at the Senior Center and a lot of them have been coming to me lately and theyíre a little nervous.  I noticed the Council, I think itís Mary, is she the Bingo commissioner still? 


Council President Zeisz - Nancy Pohzehl.


Dave McCormick - Well, theyíre nervous because, itís a two-part question.  Do I have to go through the Council to set up for a bingo game because theyíre a little nervous that thereís rumors going around that the bingo games theyíve been attending, thereís money been being stolen and missing and I want to know if the police are investigating any of that and if they are, is it going to be that hard to start anther bingo game because theyíre nervous that the bingo game might be shut down because of money being stolen and all of that.   


Council President Zeisz Ė I canít even answer that. 


Dave McCormick - I should just ask the Chief


Council President Zeisz Ė You can ask.  I donít know.  I mean I can certainly ask but Iím not aware of anything. 


Dave McCormick - I thought it goes through the Council, anything like that, bingo games and stuff like that. 


Council President Zeisz Ė Well ultimately, bingo licenses that we wouldÖ


Dave McCormick ĖÖso you do handle that soÖ


Council President Zeisz - Öright, but Iím not aware of anything...


Dave McCormick - ÖI have to go through the Council to get another bingo game?


Council President Zeisz Ė Yes.


Dave McCormick - Okay, thank you.


Dennis Smilinich, American Legion Ė This is what I really came for.  Tonawanda Post #264 American Legion and an unannounced donor at this time is trying to consider building a new monument at Veteranís Park.  What this monument will honor and how it is going to honor, we donít have the exact details.  We would like to honor the Niland brothers and Skip MuckAlso we would like to include areas for different stories to be put on the wall at a later date.  The donor is willing to actually donate up to $30,000 to our Post to get this project done.  What we at Tonawanda Post #264 is looking for this Council to appoint a representative to be on this committee so that we can get representation from the community if they have any input on this particular event.  Is there any questions? 


Mayor Pilozzi - Yes, I have one.  What other Veterans organizations are involved with this decision making process? 


Dennis Smilinich Ė Right now, we have the Viet Nam Veteranís, which has two members on the Council, and we have one member from the VFW. 


Mayor Pilozzi - How about Seabees?    


Dennis Smilinich Ė No Seabees at this time.

Mayor Pilozzi Ė Were they asked?


Dennis Smilinich Ė No they werenít.


Mayor Pilozzi - They should be.


Dennis Smilinich Ė Well, once we go, weíll ask all Veteranís organizations to get involved or represent on the committee to do this because one thing, if youíll notice, in the past we get along very well with all the different Veteranís organizations of our community and work very closely within so we will make sure that we have communications of all aspects of all Veteranís of this community.  Any other questions? 


Mayor Pilozzi - No.


Dennis Smilinich - Thank you very much.


Councilmember Davis - I just wanted to say, I kind of mentioned to you outside, but Iíd like to see this monument incorporate all the wars instead of just one possibly. Thatís something to look into in the planning stage of what you have going on.


Dennis Smilinich - Our first meeting will be with Marlin Salmon which you all know is our staff judge advocate.  Weíre meeting with five or six members throughout the community on the 7th of December to do the initial paperwork.  Once we do that, then we want, hopefully a representative from this Council and weíre going to outreach to other organizations and other people to do that, to see what we should incorporate in the monument.  Right now, we have three sketches or three actual artistic drawings.  Theyíre gorgeous.  Now itís just putting it all together and the reason we need this person from this Council is to tell us what we need to do to obtain the property, we donít want the property, we want to put the monument on City property. 




Councilmember Davis Ė I think in my first four years of sitting up here, I really donít have anything to say, other than the WinterWalk, but Iíll reserve all my comments for the last meeting of the year.


Councilmember Kossow Ė As everybody mentioned, we have WinterWalk this weekend.  Itís a great event.  I donít even know how many years itís been going on, but itís a fun family day, an opportunity to showcase the downtown and also North Tonawandaís downtown.  They got the horse rides back and forth across, down Main Street and Webster Street.  Hopefully, it will be good weather.  Itís a great opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping so hopefully everybody will get a chance to get out there and partake in those activities.  With regards to the lights, I personally was not aware of the light situation.  We, as a Council, have spent, weíve authorized to spend the money on them for the downtown lights in the past.  I agree I think North Tonawanda lights always look great and thatís what weíre trying to duplicate on our side and that was something I thought we were trying to accomplish so hopefully things can be worked out and we can move forward.


Councilmember Perkins Ė I have nothing else.  Thank you.


Mayor Pilozzi Ė Itís already been mentioned about the WinterWalk but also Friday night at 6:00 P.M. Santa Claus is coming to Clinton Park so if you have any children, bring them out, itís always a nice event.  I too would like to echo the comments of Council President Zeisz on Gary Waterhouseís Dad.  It sounds like heís pretty badly injured.  Iím not sure how that happened, but Garyís where he should be and thatís with his Dad right now.  Last, congratulations to Sikora Post #15.  They received, and I mentioned this a number of meetings back but they were given, they were awarded I should say, $5,000 award for their work with the Fire Department here in the City of Tonawanda.  Theyíve done some really nice things with those young folks and they should be congratulated.  Thank you. 


Council President Zeisz Ė I have nothing further.  Thanks for coming tonight, have a great night and drive home safely, and God bless you. 




226.     By Councilmember Perkins                         seconded by Councilmember Kossow

            Resolved, that this Common Council adjourn until, December 15, 2009.  


Ayes: Perkins, Kossow, Davis, Zeisz

Nays: None

Resolution declared adopted





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