City Clerk

James Kossow
200 Niagara Street
Tonawanda, New York 14150
Phone (716)695-8318 Fax (716)695-8315


It is the mission of the City Clerk's Office to serve the  public on a daily basis with efficiency, courtesy and a willingness to assist  the citizens and employees of the City of Tonawanda while preserving,  maintaining and providing access to vital records, personnel files and numerous  licenses, laws and resolutions of the City.
The City Clerk shall promote and nurture a good working relationship between the  Common Council and the Mayor for the betterment of government in the City of  Tonawanda.

 The City Clerk's Office issues the following:

    • Auctioneer license  Auctioneer Application
    • Bingo/Bell Jar/Games of Chance Licenses
    • Birth Certificates NYS Vital Records  Webpage
    • Boat Launch Permits - Launch Permits go on sale April 15th each year - need current registration of the vehicle pulling the boat or Jet ski.  Seasonal Boat Launch Permits are required from April 15th thru October 15th Prices are: City of Tonawanda Resident - $25.00 City of Tonawanda Resident Senior - $15.00 Non Resident - $50.00 Permits are for the Niawanda Park launches only.  Boat Launch Permit Form      
    • Community/Farmer's Market - Application   Rules & Regulations   Farmer Crop Plan
    • Death Certificates - for deaths recorded in the City of Tonawanda only    Application
    • Dog Licenses -  All dogs 4 months of age and older must be licensed.  New Dog License Application. Fees are $10.00 for each spayed/neutered dog and $20.00 for each unspayed/unneutered dog. Proof of rabies vaccine is required.  The Application can also be used for: change of address, transfer of ownership and notification of deceased dog. The dog license must be renewed annually to be valid.  Renewals will be mailed annually from the Clerk's Office.  Listing of Free Rabies Clinic
    • Engineering Licenses
    • Food Truck Permit Application
    • Freedom of Information requests
    • Garbage/Recycling Tote Order Form
    • Genealogical Services  Complete application.  If mailed to City of Tonawanda make check payable to City Treasurer or complete and mail to NYS Department of Health.
    • Grass Stickers  - $.75 each - sold in sheets of 5-$3.75 or sheets of  10-$7.50
    • Handicapped parking permits MV-664.1 form
    • Marriage Licenses - Requirements - issuing hours  8:30AM-4:00PM.  By Appointment Only.  Call 716-695-8318 to schedule a time.
    • Marriage Certificate Copy - Application - If marriage certificate was issued by the City of Tonawanda, mail the completed application, copy of photo ID and a check payable to City Treasurer for $10.00 per copy to the City Clerk's office.
    • Plumbing Licenses
    • Peddler/Solicit license Peddlers and Solicitors Ordinance   Click here for Peddler Application See Chapter 46 of the Code of Ordinance
    • Snow Plowing Permits Application Snow Plow Ordinance See Chapter 54-91 to 54-95 of the Code of Ordinances
    • Sporting Licenses Sporting  Licenses
    • Taxi Cab Licenses
    • Vending Licenses

      In addition to these duties: Common Council Minutes Regular Common Council meetings are held on the first & third Tuesday of the  month. City Cemetery Records