The City of Tonawanda is a participating member in the Western New York  Stormwater Coalition.                        

The Western New  York Storm water Coalition is a forum for the regulated communities to share  resources and work in partnership toward compliance with the United States  Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Phase II Storm water requirements. The overall goal of the Coalition is to utilize regional collaboration to identify  existing resources and develop programs to reduce the negative impacts of  storm water pollution.

The U.S. EPA  Phase II Rule requires operators of small municipal separate storm sewer systems  (MS4s), such as the City of Tonawanda, to develop and implement a storm water management program that addresses the following six minimum controls:

  1. Public education & outreach
  2. Public participation & involvement
  3.  Illicit discharge detection & elimination
  4.  Construction site runoff control
  5.  Post-construction site runoff control
  6.  Pollution prevention & good housekeeping for municipal operations

For information on the Coalition and how it is working to address the requirements of the Phase  II Storm water Rule, or to learn more about preventing storm water pollution,  contact the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning at (716) 858-6370 or visit Erie County’s Stormwater Phase II website.

Stormwater Permit Review & Construction Inspection Fees

No application for approval of a land development activity shall be reviewed and no land development activity shall be commenced until the Stormwater Management Officer or such employee, officer or board of the City which may be reviewing an application for approval of a land development activity requiring submission of a SWPPP has received a SWPPP the complies with the specifications in Chapter 52 of the City Code or Ordinances and has approved such SWPPP.  The developer or applicant shall, upon submission of a SWPPP and at the start of any phase of construction after the first phase, pay a fee to the city in accordance with Section 30-376 of the City Code or Ordinances.


The City of Tonawanda's plan for implementation of the USEPA minimum control measures is described in the County Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP), as required by the NYSDEC.  This website contains a copy of the most recently accepted City SWMP.

Each year, the City of Tonawanda must submit an annual report to update the NYSDEC on the activities of its program to demonstrate that it is following the requirements of the permit.  This website contains the most recent annual report.  Within this Annual Report is the listed Stormwater Management Officer for the City of Tonawanda with contact information.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the designated Stormwater Management Officer to assist you.  If you are unable to open the document or find the appropriate contact, please call the City of Tonawanda Engineering Department at 716-695-8624 and they can assist you or give you the appropriate contact information.

Stormwater Public Comment & Reporting Forms

Stormwater forms can be returned to the following:

Brian Doyle
Assistant Engineer/Stormwater Management Coordinator
200 Niagara Street
Tonawanda, NY 14150
email: Brian Doyle

Stormwater Brochures and Manuals