Detective Bureau

City of Tonawanda Police Department

200 Niagara Street
Tonawanda, NY14150

716 692-2102

Captain Jamin Butcher



Detective David Ljiljanich

Detective Thomas Kitson

Detective Mathew Wark

Youth/Family Services Detective Mathew Wark

School Resource Officer SRO Jason Balling

The Investigative Services division of the City of Tonawanda Police Department is actually several smaller units who report to a Captain, Jamin Butcher. These units include the Juvenile Aid, Detective Personnel, Narcotics Unit, and Records. The reason for these units reporting to the same supervisor is that all work closely together with a common focus, investigating crimes. You may wonder why the Records Officer is included here. The many forms and documents needed to process an arrest and investigate a case, and very strict Public Information release Laws have directed us to get these units working hand to hand in eliminating paperwork redundancy, and good preparation for Trial if necessary.

Youth Services Division
Staffed by Detective Mathew Wark, this unit is responsible for investigations involving persons under sixteen (16) years of age. The Youth Services department is committed to using this Office to recognize problems and dealing with them effectively.

School Resource Officer is assigned to the Tonawanda Middle/High School from September 1st to June 30th each year on a full-time basis.  The School Resource Officer also acts as a liaison with our three elementary schools located within the city boundaries.

Detective Division
Detectives follow up on investigations normally started by the Patrol Division. If a case involves numerous criminal arrests, felony charges, or any investigation which needs time to develop, the case will be referred to the Detective Bureau. We have several Patrol Officers who are assigned to this unit (or any other) as our schedule permits.

Narcotics Detective
The Officer assigned to this unit is Detective David Ljiljanich. His focus is on cases involving illegal drugs. Many times additional personnel from other police departments are assigned to assist him, as he may assist other departments in a cooperative effort to combine resources between departments.