City of Tonawanda Police Department
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Tonawanda, NY14150
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Records/Court Division


Records Office
We have one records Officer who coordinates all the court assignments, operates our computer system and general keeper of all arrest and investigation documents. The Records Lieutenant and a part time assistant, process thousands of records related to arrests, investigations, and calls for service. Our department has been computerized since 1984. The computerizing of the records operation back in the 1980's led to less personnel time wasted on paperwork. Trained Officers should be preventing, investigating and solving crimes, not laboring over redundant paperwork.

Foil Subject Matter List
POL Article 6 § 87 : Freedom of Information Law Requests

Subject Matter List Pursuant to POL § 87 (FOIL)

The following list describes the records maintained by the City of Tonawanda Police Department and is current as of July 6, 2020. This list does not imply that all records are available to the public. All government records are subject to the exemptions stipulated in the Freedom of Information Law. For more information about the FOI Law visit the Committee on Open Government website hosted by the New York State Department of State:

Administrative Records

  • Policy Manual and correspondence reflecting actions taken in regard to planning, supervising, controlling and coordinating operations of the City of Tonawanda Police Department.

Applicant Investigation Records

  • Background investigations of persons considered for appointment to positions of trust within the City of Tonawanda Police Department.

Communications Records

  • Records of complaints received by the Police Department, along with recordings of telecommunication and police and fire radio traffic. 

Criminal Information Records

  • Records contain pertinent information relating to crimes investigated, or being investigated, reflecting the identities of those persons who have committed, are committing or are planning the commission of crimes.

Fiscal Management Information

  • Records containing budget data and submissions with certificates of approval, payroll information, purchasing records and vouchers for payment of services and supplies.

Personnel Records

  • Records pertaining to present and former employees including entrance and promotional examinations and classification of individual positions.

Training Records

  • Copies of orders, schedules and the academic records of all persons attending the Police Academy, as well as those records of other personnel attending other schools.